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Neglect Therapy Near Me

‘Neglect Therapy Near Me’ in Phoenix

Neglect is a type of mistreatment by individuals resulting from inadequate attention, especially through recklessness or disregard for the needs of others. When someone thinks of neglect, the failure to provide adequate supervision, food, shelter, or safety, is often what people think of. But neglect can also be emotional, which includes, ignoring the emotional well-being of others or causing emotional pain to someone else.

When someone is feeling neglected, it can lead to a variety of psychological and mental issues, such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. It might cause a person to feel withdrawn or make it difficult for that person to make, or maintain, relationships.

While some people are able to recover quicker from the effects of negligence, others might experience long-lasting effects. Here at Evergreen Counseling & Consulting LLC, we offer neglect therapy in Phoenix. So if you are searching ‘neglect therapy near me’ in Phoenix, give us a call. At Evergreen Counseling & Consulting LLC, we want you to know that you are never alone on your journey to living a more fulfilling life.

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