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Christian Counselor 85050

Evergreen Counseling & Consulting LLC - Your Source for a Christian Counselor in 85050

If there are problems within the family unit, it affects every individual and the family as a whole. Here at Evergreen Counseling & Consulting LLC, we have a Christian family therapist in Phoenix who can help reveal behavioral patterns that result in unhealthy behaviors and choices. They will be able to  assist you in finding solutions through attainable goals.

Family counseling helps with a myriad of issues, from marital and child-parent problems to anxiety, depression, and concentration challenges in school. In fact, the connections that we have with our family are so significant that family counseling is an effective treatment for severe mental health issues, including alcoholism and drug abuse, and chronic physical illness.

At Evergreen Counseling & Consulting, you will be working with a Christian counselor in the 85050 area who will help you focus on current challenges, patterns, and situations, examining specific instances and unhealthy reactions. Family counseling may also include individual counseling for recurring problems and big-picture patterns.

Family counseling may continue as long-term therapy for some family members to focus on feelings that continue to affect one's life. We can help if you have a history of substance abuse, and you need some help overcoming addiction, or you're suffering from depression or anxiety. In short, Evergreen Counseling & Consulting can get to the bottom of unresolved trauma and give you tools to cope.

Is your marriage or intimate relationship on the rocks? Maybe you're having trouble communicating with one another. Or worse, you could be causing each other emotional damage. If there are issues in your relationships at home, work, or elsewhere, family counseling can help. Are you in need of a Christian family therapist in Phoenix? If you are in need of a Christian family therapist in Phoenix or a Christian counselor in the 85050 area, get in touch with Evergreen Counseling & Consulting LLC.

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